Monday, 1 September 2014

Self Management

Draft Writing Doc.
Term 3
Week 6

Topic: self management
Purpose: show that we understand and looks like.
Audience: everyone or anyone

Title:managing myself

This competency is associated with self motivation, a can do attitude.Student that manage  seeing  themselves as enterprising ,resourceful, reliable, resilient and capable learners.They establish personal goals make plan manage project and set high standards they have strategies
for meeting changes.They know when to lead when to follow and when to act interpenterly.

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  1. Hello Siu,
    Excellent job on giving a clear outline on self management, seems as if you really grasped the concepts that you learned on self management. Siu continue working diligently in your course work and you will display the attributes of a self managed student as you described in your blog.


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